Art2Connect Classes

Specifically designed for adults with early-stage dementia and their caregivers, a trained facilitator provides guidance with the emphasis on the process, not the product. The focus is on empowering the individual with dementia, encouraging self-discovery, and creating new memories for participants. No art background required. All supplies are provided.

Art2Relax Classes

Designed for caregivers experiencing stress and needing self-care time, a trained facilitator provides guidance through the activity, encourages relaxation through creative arts engagement, and emphasizes the process rather than the product. No art background is necessary. All supplies are provided.

Art2Go Sessions

Tailored art events for residents at older adult living facilities, senior/community centers, or private homes to provide programming to those who are unable to travel. Perfect for an intergenerational family activity with a loved one with dementia. Sessions can be designed for 1-12 participants. All supplies are provided.

Art2Remember Educational Workshops

To promote the value of creative arts engagement in memory care, we offer educational workshops for caregivers, healthcare professionals, and artists. Presentations will focus on the why, what, when, and how of utilizing the arts in caring for those diagnosed with dementia and will be tailored to the audience. Smaller groups may include a hands-on art project.